Tempo detection doesn't work (?)

Hi everybody,
I’m trying to build a tempo track for an acoustic guitar track but, way differently from some YouTube video ( video 1, video 2), it seems it doesn’t run correctly; anyone could detect the correct tempo following the track by ear but it seems Cubase doesn’t… I also tried dividing/multiplying by 2 function but without success.
Anyone can help me?
Thank you in advance,


What exactly doesn’t work, please?

Which step doesn’t work? What is your expected result and what is the result you get, please?

Hi Martin,
having an acoustic guitar part with clear peaks (see screenshot) I expected a correct time detection (in other song I tried this happened even if thre was a lower dynamic) but, as you can see, only the first four or five bars mathc the correct tempo because I adjusted them with the time warp tool after the tempo detection…

I also checked there was no empty space at the beginning of the file (as suggested in some tutorial, even if in the video 1 I linked song starst more forward) but it didn’t worked anyway…
I don’t understand if I’m doing something wrong…
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It seems, the algorithm is to able to detect the tempo from this specific file, unfortunately.

Sorry, I don’t understand: it seems I did something wrong (what could have I missed, if the answer is yes)?

…or do you suppose the algorithm has problems in this specific case?

In the meanwhile I tried the manual way, with the time warp tool, and I’ve got a good result; but this file was short, with longer ones it could be a long job…
Thank you,


Sorry, I wanted to write, it looks like the algorithm is NOT able to detect the tempo from this specific file, unfortunately.

It seems, something in the audio makes the algorithm confused.

Could it be that the file’s tempo (in the pool) affects the tempo detection function? Or am I speaking nonsense?


No, the Pool’s Tempo doesn’t affect the Tempo Detection.

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come è stato facile accertare

I’m doing some experiment and things are not always so easy as showed in some tutorial; files with major tempo changes, upbeat accents, no drums or low dynamics are often read in a wrong way, actually (I understand it’s not an easy task…)