Tempo Detection for Orchestral stuff - How Good?

It seems like much of this is geared around drum performances and detecting tempo of same. What about orchestral music sans drums? Like I have a Broadway show with tons of speed-ups and slow-downs and multiple time-signatures occurring quickly in sequence (sorry for the technical Italian terms here). Can C6 detect the tempos and make me a map so I can generate a click? That would be very cool. I realize I’d have to do some clean-up and manual click entry, just how much I wonder?

The video and doc show multiple modes to support different content types. So, potentially it can be done. I don’t suppose any of us will know how effective it is until we get C6.


Orchestra stuff wil be a little hard I thing for the tempo detection. The tempo detection needs some kind of “tempo information” like a base drum for example. When the tempo detection finds multiple tempo’s or big changes then it will give you a little warning and will only process to the point where the big change is. You can ofcourse start at this point and go further with the tempo detection.

In the manual there are much more details to find regarding “tempo detection”



So I suppose the tempo detection can also not follow rubato piano playing?

I would think that depends on the song wouldn’t it? I’ve used time warp to map paino, but it was percussive/rhythmic oriented. It worked ok. But, I have my doubts that you’re going to extract tempo from Debussy Nocturne

Thanks Chris! I will download the manual and look it up. So technically you could (if you know the music like I do), play in a “kick drum” track which simply acts as a guide for the tempo detection. I could do that. Move the hits back and forth a little to make them line up. Cool. I think this is a technique that is already being used but it’s good to see Cubase pushing for excellence in this area.

I’m sure tempo detection works best with material that has well defined transients, such as anything groove-based. But very curious to see how it would do with orchestral material, or even a solo instrument.


Very cool, thanks for the link! Only addresses drum tracks though, so the question is still at play.