Tempo detection not working properly for me, help!

Hi guys.

I have 2 questions.

First question is:

Tempo detection. It is simply not working right for me. How do I get it to work properly?

After watching this yester: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0pm8rELMBs I really got interested in the tempo detection.

I tried to import this sample for example:


After importing it, I select the sample and project > tempo detection. It analyzes the sound, but when I play it, it just isn’t on the beat and doesn’t sound right. Same when speeding up the sample using “set definition to tempo”. Since it isn’t right from the beginning it wont sound right with this feature either.

Anyone can guide me through how to do this? I’ve checked so many tutorials and literally spent hours today trying to get it to work. But no success. Oh btw, I want it in 4/4. Where do I place the 4/4 marker? since it’s 1/4 by default too.

I want to use beats and samples and stuff, and some of them arent recorded with a metronome. And I want these samples to fit to a fixed tempo, lets say 128BPM.

Second question is:

When using samplers like Groove Agent SE or in my case, Vengeance Phalanx. You write down the sequences in MIDI. Then I want to record every separate drum part.

This is how I do it now (it’s an extremely tedious and long process/way):

Rout all channels to Out 1, Out 2, Out 3, Out 4 etc. in Vengeance Phalanx.

Active all Outputs in F11 (VST instruments) for Vengeance Phalanx.

Add 5 Audio Channels.

Add 5 Group channels.

Rout the 5 Audio channels by selecting their inputs to each individual group channel. So for example: Audio channel 1’s input is routed to Group 1, Audio 2’s input is routed to Group 2, etc.

Select all Audio channels, group them into a folder. Shift click the arm record button on the group folder and record.

I was wondering if there’s an easier, quicker way to do this? This process is really long and takes a while to setup and think through.

I would very much appreciate all the answers! Thanks alot guys.

No one?

Hi Jontah

Don’t know if this’ll help, when i first did the tempo matching thing i couldn’t get it to work BUT, realised it comes down to 1) having the tracks in the right mode ie Linear mode as opposed to Musical mode and 2) having done the tempo detection turning ON the tempo track which was the mistake I made in not doing so!

Best Regards