Tempo detection problem - misses ritardando


When using tempo detection on an audio clip, it detects any “micro changes” with success but completely fails on a standard ending ritardando. See attached picture.
Tempo detection problem.png
Anyone experiencing the same problem, and knows if there is anything to do to make tempo detection handle this kind of basic tempo change stuff?

/ Jonas

In my experience (limited) Tempo Detection works best with material that has a steady pulse. In this case, what I’d suggest is running tempo detection on the section that works and then use the tempo track to perform the ret.

It can be tricky and I’m not sure that will work. Good luck.

It’s a bit surprising to me that the current detection solution works so well with micro changes but misses such obvious and standard stuff as an ending ritardando. It must be a matter of priority from the dev team - the maths involved isn’t rocket science.

I’m working almost exclusively with dynamic tempo music where continuus tempo variations are a essential part of the style(s), and it would be soo great not having to mess with the limited tempo track features (only “jump” and “ramp” tempo changes - “ramp” is never what you want in an organic ritardando, some kind of exponential curves is needed for that).

I will take this further to the Features/Suggestions forum.


I’d do that and other users may have some suggestions about getting a more natural rit.