tempo detection problemo

Hi, Got a load of wav’s recorded without a click and am now trying to get a tempo sorted so I can add midi drums, tried following the tempo detection in the manual and ended up in all sorts of trouble…so my question is…is it better to gat a basic midi drum track going and then …somehow :confused: force the wav’s into line using the tempo of the midi drum track, or is it better to get the tempo…somehow :confused: from the wav’s and force the drums into line…

help much appreciated…cheers, Kevin

The question of aligning MIDI to the WAVs or quantizing the WAVs is an artistic choice. For instance, do the drums feel great? Great groove? Then I’d usually set a tempo map based on that and add MIDI. Do the drums suck? Re-record them or quantize them. Then add MIDI.

I too have had some trouble with tempo detection. I’ve found that it works better with high level signals. What I’ll do is bounce down a mix of just kick and snare, normalize that (to add gain) and then do tempo detection.

Sounds like you’re wanting to ADD drums to other tracks though. Depending on the instrument, transient detection can be trickier. And at some point you’ll probably have to modify the warp markers by hand.

“Pushing the button” so to speak on tempo detection seems to get me 90% of the way there. Then it’s on to hand editing.

Sounds like a difficult job…just might put this song on the back burner till I become a more acomplished user of Cubase… yeah right:l :laughing: ol:

thanks for the input…Kevin