Tempo Detection Question

Hey Everybody,

I’ve been using Cubase for about 4 years but this is the first time I’ve ever had a problem I haven’t been able to solve by searching the forum. Apologies if this has already been gone over.

So my issue is that when I use the tempo detection on a file, more often than not there is just a clutter of hit points and then the last 2/3rds of the song is blank, and where it is clustered it works great, but once it gets beyond that it stops being on time.

I have an album where I recorded the drum beats last with a midi sampler and I want to tighten them up a little bit and that’s the main reason I upgraded to cubase 6, also it was just time to upgrade.

I have no clue how to solve it so I thought I’d ask. I’m not sure if it’s a problem with the file, how I’m doing the process or what but I thought I’d ask. Thanks a lot for your help.

Have also found tempo detection a bit hit & miss. (mostly miss!)

You can manually set up a tempo map using the time warp tool. The procedure is pretty well covered in the manual.
You will probably find it very slow going at first but with practise you can rattle through a track in 10 minutes.
Just don’t try to do what tempo detect does & mark every beat…just mark every bar or 2.

Thanks Grim! I’m gonna check it out. It looks like that will work out, just take more time than pressing a button, but the end result is what I want. Thanks again for the reply Grim.

There’s a button in the tempo detection box that may help. Can’t remember the exact name but I think it’s says something like “smooth out timing” or similar. Tempo detection doesn’t seem to do well when the tempo varies too much. I found that button helped by at least inserting more tempo hits (usually missed the next few but then got back on track).

You may also try re-doing the tempo detection starting at the section where it stopped calculating. Just splice up the track, select the next section, then detect tempo again.