Tempo detection unusable

Hi all,

Does any one succeed using tempo detection ?
I try to detect the tempo since several days of one of my reharsal with my band, and it’s just impossible to get a click sounding in line with the tempo of the song !!! Even if I try to correct the off beat …

If I provide you just my drummer recording could you try to test on your side the tempo detection ?

Im on Cubase 9 PRO 9.0.20.

Please help meeeeeeeee

I could give it a go but it’s not like there is anything complicated about detection so if it doesn’t work there it probably won’t work here either…if thew recording doesn’t have nice clear transients or if there is any odd time signature or tempo changing then there is a good chance it will fail.

If detection isn’t working I would just map it manually.

You can do it with timewarp by dragging the grid or you can use merge tempo from tapping if you have a midi keyboard and good sense of timing.

put this into your browser address bar:
Cubase tempo detection site:youtube.com

Sometimes you have to break it into chunks and apply tempo detect to one chunk at a time, especially if you have big abrupt tempo changes.

Get your drummer to tap a pair of sticks in time with himself and record that a the guide for the tempo track