Tempo Doubling Audio Question

I wanted to see if a track could work with a double tempo drum and bass beat. it did. but i did it in the slower tempo of the other part of the track because i was just trying it out. = writing two beats in 85bpm to come up with a part that would be 170.

can i somehow convert the midi files to 170 without having to manually move them all into 170bpm format?

any of this make sense?



any of this make sense?

Actually I’m not quite sure what you mean but it sounds like you would like to double the tempo of an event.
This is how to double the tempo of a MIDI event.

“MIDI”–> “Logical Preset”–> “Standard Set 1”–> “Double Tempo”

In the tool bar click on the “Object Selection” Tool, the arrow, twice. Now choose the “Sizing Applies Time Stretch” mode for the Object Selection tool. Now when you drag on the borders of the MIDI event, the event will not be trimmed but stretched/compressed. Use wise snap settings to accurately double the tempo when dragging the event borders.


Sounds like what you’re saying is you’ve got the midi part at one tempo but it’s in the section of the song which is at another tempo. I’d say you could turn the midi track into time-based rather than tempo-based (click the note button on the left so it looks like a clock) and then drag the part to the new tempo area. Click the time-base button back afterwards.


[EDIT] I had already typed this, and only saw Mike’s reply when I was about to send my post… what follows below is an alternative method, also using Linear vs Musical Timebase, so I’ll go ahead and post it anyways :wink: )[/EDIT]…

There’s also another way :wink:
(I too am a little confused as to “which way round” you want your Project to end up :blush: :smiley: , but the principle will be the same)…
Basically, you switch the MIDI track from Musical Timebase to Linear Timebase, then you change the tempo in Cubase, then you put the track back to Musical Timebase, then you change the tempo in Cubase back again…
a) if your song is at 85 BPM, and the drum’n’bass MIDI Part currently plays at “half speed” in relation to what you want…

  1. Change the drum’n’bass MIDI track(s) from Musical Timebase to Linear Timebase (change the “quarter-note” icon in the Inspector to a “clock” icon)
  2. Change the tempo in cubase from 85 BPM to 42.5 BPM (you will hear that the drum’n’bass track hasn’t changed tempo, but the other tracks are now at half speed)
  3. Change the Drum’n’bass track(s) back to Musical Timebase (the “quarter-note” icon)
  4. Change Cubase’s tempo back to 85 BPM. The song now plays normally again, but the drums are now playing at double their previous tempo.

b) or is your song currently at 170 BPM, and the drum’n’bass is at half speed?
Same deal as above, but, in step #2, change the tempo to 85 BPM, then, in step #4, back to 170 BPM.

And another JHP’s and Vic’s post gets bookmarked. :slight_smile:

the time stretch feature worked out (clicking 1 3 times) - i just calculated what double the bars would be, stretched…done.

it took a lot less time than i thought it would doing it the hard way

thanks all for your feedback


btw… i did use the tempo track to control the tempo change and it all worked out nicely.

all the parts in 85 are spaced the way they should be and so are the 170bpm parts