Tempo-edits makes lyrics collide

When I edit the tempo with the pencil tool in a solo-recital, lyrics in the same passage collides in all layouts. If I delete my tempo changes or make them fewer the lyrics are fine. Also in a part-layout (not full-score) lyrics will sort themselves out if I ad an empty instrument to that flow. (The empty part being invisible because it is empty). It is a musical with 30 flows and multiple layouts. I wonder if this is avoidable in another way.

Unfortunately this is a current limitation of Dorico’s approach rhythmic spacing. When Dorico is determining whether two adjacent items (such as lyrics on adjacent notes) collide with each other, it can only look at the adjacent global columns. Even though you are not currently showing them, each of the tempo changes you have created in the Tempo editor has created a tempo item that is shown as a signpost, and each of those tempo items creates its own global column. Therefore, you will have many global columns in between each lyric, and as such Dorico can’t determine that the lyrics are colliding with each other.

This is something we plan to improve in future, but I’m afraid at the moment your options aren’t great: either you need to remove the tempo changes, or you need to manually add system breaks so that the music is sufficiently spaced that there is room for the lyrics, and then make any final adjustments that are required to resolve any remaining collisions (which should at that point be much fewer and further between).

Thanks, Daniel. Good to know. (I discovered a workaround, though - adding an empty instrument to the layout forces the spacing to be correct again).