Tempo equations in selected part layouts only

In a score I am working on, players change time signature independently. The change is from 3/4 to cut common. At the change, a bar in the new time signature should equal a bar of the previous time signature. I have achieved aligning barlines, so that first step is accomplished.

Not all players change the time signature, and the players that do, don’t all change at the same place.

The “changers” need to know, in their parts, that previous dotted half note equals new whole note.

Entering that tempo equation as a system item is of course easy. But to most of the players, that instruction will make no sense, since they of course don’t change time signature there.

Is there a way to have tempo equations added at separate points in selected layouts?

Or do I need to enter them systemwide at all relevant places, and then erase them / white them out in the score and in aaall the other part layouts?

Is there a way to enter them as text?

Thanks for reading my gibberish. Help much appreciated.

You could try entering them as text with the Metrico font.

Wonderful, it works! Thanks a lot!