tempo hidden by metronome

Hi everybody, just recently made the leap to Cubase Pro 10, quite a jump and I’m still feeling my way round it, so bear with me. I have a two monitor set up, neither is particularly large, the smaller one doesn’t have a high resolution (1020 x 720?) and I can’t seem to fit Cubase stuff like windows etc in there without it spilling out the side. The other monitor is fine, I have the mixer there and the long, thin toolbar underneath (sorry, can’t remember the terminology yet!).
Anyway, it is this toolbar that is bugging me, because the metronome overlaps the tempo and I can’t see the BPMs or adjust them due to this.

Any ideas as to how to fix this? I’m trying to figure out how to uncheck metronome because I need it less often. Thanks!

The Transport is capable of showing more items than can physically fit depending on your display. The gear icon on the far right of the Transport lets you select what to show or not. Also there is a short vertical line to the right of may items - dragging this left & right lets you show more or less of a specific item.

Thanks! I’ve realised now that this is what I was doing, but the transport bar is full, so resizing individual items wasn’t working. Also, it seems the metronome isn’t on the list of items which can be de-selected. If I stretch the window over both monitors I can see the temp info, if I keep it in one monitor window (which is what I want, obviously), I have to sacrifice something else from transport.

Keep in mind that many (all?) of the items on the Transport Panel are also available on the Transport Lower Zone in the Project Window. So you could split the items between the Panel & Zone.

Personally I only use the Transport Zone anymore. Always hated that floating Panel.