Tempo I and a tempo not adjustable


is there any way to enter a tempo specification for Tempo I or a tempo?

F.E. I have a score with a long Vivace, then there are 4 bars “Patetico” and then there is “a tempo” again.

However, this doesn’t work in Playback, the tempo stays with the “Patetico”.
When I try to enter the exact tempo in a tempo (“a tempo q.=108”) this is removed and has no consequences.

So how do I get an a tempo to work?

I think it should be possible to enter Tempos like q=xy also in a tempo or Tempo I. Especially in long scores it is sometimes not exactly clear what is meant with Tempo I f.e.

So how do I enter e Tempo with “A tempo” or “Tempo I”?

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Create new tempo mark and hide it, so only “a tempo” shows.

Or in Play mode, you can use the graphical tool to change the tempo track.

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but: I would sometimes like to have the beat written out, also in the instrumental parts, so it is clear which Tempo I is used.

And what I don’t understand: Is there a Special logic which prevents the number Input on Tempo I and a tempo? if so: Why???

This seems to be a needless patronizing of the Software…


Then write it out: “Tempo I, q=120.”

That’s what I tried, but dorico always removes the q=120. That is the patronizing thing that annoys me.

I can get it to work with a writing error (leaving out the blank): “TempoI”.

The aim of the software is not to patronise you, but to help you to write conventional notation easily. You can’t currently show a metronome mark with a tempo reset, like “a tempo” or “tempo primo”, though we plan to make this possible in future.

In the meantime, type in a regular tempo, e.g. enter “q=120” into the Shift+T popover, then select it and in the Properties panel set the Text property to “A tempo” or “Tempo I”.

I am still not happy with this. Especially since I absolutely cannot see the benefit of this patronising.

How do I hide a tempo mark? When I enter a tempo mark seperately, the “A tempo” is removed. So the workaround I am using is to always enter two empty spaces between the words so dorico doesn’t recognize it.

A problem is also “L’istesso tempo”: Dorico forces the same tempo, but changing from 4/4 to 12/8 it can mean that q=108 is now q.=108.

So, please remove this annoying algorithm. I would be glad to define the tempos the way I need.

Has someone a better Workaround then my two empty spaces?


Just add the tempo mark slightly before or slightly after the A Tempo. Use the caret to find a rhythmic location that’s near where you actually want it (you can get 1/1024 of a crotchet/quarter note accuracy with the caret). Visually it’s going to have to appear earlier or later than the A Tempo so it really doesn’t matter that you have to attach it fractionally earlier or later.