Tempo I and other "Reset Tempo" markings will not show mm

Hello, I’ve noticed that when I input “Tempo I” or a related marking, Dorico refuses to display a metronome marking and the metronome-related options in the properties panel are missing. In fact, when I input “Tempo I q=92” Dorico discards my metronome marking completely. Imagine a complicated and long piece with many tempos; we need to be able to show the metronome number if we deem it necessary. I can get around this by first typing in a recognized “normal” tempo marking and changing the text afterwards, but I’d like to suggest allowing “reset” tempo markings to allow for all the same choices as normal tempo text. I don’t want to have to “trick” the program like this.

Many wonderful things in Dorico so far, and I know you are inundated with suggestions.

Thanks for this suggestion, which I will log for us to handle at some future point.

Hello Daniel,
I’ve found something else… I put a metronome range in (Moderate march tempo q = 112-116) and the output was Moderate march tempo -116 = 112
Is there a way to put metronome ranges in by now?

Yes, though not directly via the popover: put just q=116 into the popover, then select the tempo and open the Properties panel, and you’ll be able to specify the range using the controls there.

Thank you, Daniel. I saw your helpful entry just now, sorry for not reacting much earlier.

Will it be possible in the future to be able to display a tempo range in the only in the popover?

Yes, I think we’ll be able to do this. It requires a bit more work on making the popover parser a bit smarter, but it should be possible.