Tempo I - plus reminder value

After a long period of a slower tempo I am returning to Tempo I. I would like to enter the “Tempo I” indicator as well as a numerical reminder value in parentheses, such as (quarter note = 152). Is there a way to do this? Thanks.

I was able to achieve this in Write Mode by clicking the Tempo Tool, Selecting the original Tempo Indication (Allegro) and in the lower zone (CTRL+8) Entering in Abbreviation “Tempo I” and turning on the abbreviate button then setting my bpm to the reminder tempo “152” and clicking “parenthesized”.

Yes – You can also just change the Text itself in Properties without having to use an abbreviation.

Hi Mark and thanks. I also wanted it to show an actual quarter note instead of “MM=”. Not sure how to make a quarter note by entering text at this point. I tried that by highlighting and using “Bravura” with no success. All ideas appreciated but I’m happy with my solution.

In the tempo popover, just type q. See here in the docs for the abbreviations.

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Oh wow! That’s fantastic! Thanks, Mark. I searched all over for those abbreviations in the manual. I have no idea why I didn’t find them. Thanks.

Well, for the initial tempo your solution worked. However for going back to Tempo I later in the piece it did not. Dorico would revert back to the “Tempo I” indication but no reminder value. I tried it several times. I am supposing it is because “Tempo I” is one of the menu selections.

It’s because “Tempo I” is what Dorico calls a “reset tempo” marking, which is text without a specific associated speed. You can change what it says, but you can’t change it from one type to another. So this one you’ll have to delete and remake.

To create an absolute tempo mark with the popover you can enter any of the words found under that section of the tempo panel (on the right), or just a metronome mark. Then you can change the text and/or speed afterward in Properties if desired.

To the Team: I think it would help a lot of new users if Dorico would allow “Tempo I” entered with a metronome mark to be an absolute tempo. It’s what anyone would expect.

Thanks, Mark. Yes, I agree that a “reminder” property would be beneficial. Thanks again.

I always just set the MM marking in the tempo tool first and then add Tempo I in the Text box and check Show Text.


@Derrek - I had a chance to try this today. A very efficient way to do it. Thanks.

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