Tempo indication question


I need to write the following tempo :
dotted quarter tied to an dotted eight = 72

This is for a 9/16 passage.
I can’t find a way to do this. What would be the best work around ?

Thank you

It’s pretty easy to do with Metrico.

I assume it would be equally as easy with MusGlyphs.

Yep, walk in the park. :sunglasses:


mmm ok !
Do you enter it as system text, or do you change the metronome fonts to metrico ?


System text. That gives you the freedom to input whatever you want.

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ok thanks,
How do you then manage the difference in size between score and parts ?

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You can specify different sizes for score and parts in Paragraph Styles / System Text.


Am I missing something?

Is there not a default System Text paragraph style? I guess I must have created it then. I just have it set to a fixed size, but it’s easy to specify different for score and parts.

I’m forgetting what is a factory default and what isn’t as I’ve had this shortcut for so long, but you can then assign a keycommand for Create System Text that uses that System Text style:

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I think the Alt-Shift-X shortcut is a default, but for some reason I don’t have a System Text tab in either Paragraph Styles or Font Styles…not sure if this is normal or not.

You can always create it then as a Paragraph Style. After creating, you can hit the little Save as Default star to make it selectable in the Keycommands list as well.

Did you base it off any other style or start a new one from scratch?

I based it off Default Text, then made it Bold and a larger size. That way if I ever change my default font (or need to for a client) it will automatically update.


Thanks! What would be the best way to make it indistinguishable from native Tempo marks? Would simply setting it the same font size as Metronome text font do the trick? Or is there a difference between the size of metrico and the default tempo marks?

Tempo marks are actually sort of confusing as they don’t really have logical names. You would expect them to be grouped together but they aren’t. They are in Font Styles and are listed as Gradual Tempo Text Font, Immediate Tempo Text Font, and Metronome Music Text Font. Whenever I’ve used Metrico I’ve just manually overridden whatever the default text settings are. I don’t have a specific style set up for it personally.

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Understood. Thank you!
Any suggestions for this with regards to MusGlyphs @dan_kreider ?

Sorry, I don’t understand the question.

Sorry about that. What’s the best way to use MusGlyphs in a way that is indistinguishable from native tempo marks inputted using Shift-T? I want to have, for example, same sized quarter notes both when inputting tempo text and when using MusGlyphs in system text. Hope this is a bit clearer?

I’m not sure of the exact proportion in font size, but you can fiddle with them until they match. It should “just work.”

Thanks, understood. Was wondering if there is an exact science to it or not…Will let you know how it goes.