Tempo Info - copy paste or move ?

hi, i enclosed a pic of the section with Tempo Map done, that i would like to make into a new session without ALL the other tempo info before it … starting at bar 5 would be the goal … when i try to delete all the Other info - tempo info - it moves my Audio Clip … even when locked …

my workaround is just to work at bar 656 but this is not ideal … i can also redo the tempo map by hand if need be … just looking for a more elegant way …

thank you

N6 move Tempo info.jpg
Full Tempo Move session.jpg

In project setup, change the start time to reflect where you want it to begin.


that did not work … when i click the Timecode Position the time moves but nothing else … when i try to click No timecode it says the master track cannot be moved …

Ok, then… try:

  1. With Range Tool, select everything earlier in the project you want to get rid of. Snap to bar, and make sure you’re not getting rid of any essential tempo events-- depends on how early you set your precount. But you can adjust this in the tempo editor before you “operate”…

  2. Under the edit menu, Range/Cut Time

If I read you right, this’ll do what you want.


that did not work either … thank you for trying … i will just work with this song where it is … or copy manually and redo in a fresh session … not that big a deal …

Wow, that’s weird.

I tried it twice on multiple-song projects before I posted the steps, just to make sure I wasn’t blowing smoke.

For what it’s worth, I have editors linked in my prefs, though I don’t know if that would make any difference here.

I did it the cutting with the tempo editor open, but did the range selection in the Arrange window. Selected everything from top to bottom, from the first bar to the beginning of the one I wanted for the new start.

Tempo info was cut and shifted, and bar numbers reset appropriately.

What about it did not work for you? Everything? Just one thing? Was tempo off?


here is a before and after pic … weird is right … maybe another restart of N6 … i need to stop messing with this and get some other things done … thank you again

Yeah… if you’re choosing “cut time” from the Edit/Range menu (not just “cut” from the edit menu), and you’ve selected all the tracks in your project (I couldn’t tell how far down your selection went), and it did not cut time… there is something wacky going on over there.

I’m not far from you (Santa Monica) and could help you get it figured out when you have time to do so! PM me if so…

Good luck,