tempo issues in nuendo 5.5.1, and the manual cant be found.

so Im new to nuendo in the way that Im usually on cubase, and now having nuendo 5.5.1 Im experiencing some odd issues.
so I thought I would try these forums :slight_smile:

first out, Im having difficulties in the tempo department.
when I change tempo of a track, nuendo does not want to shift the midi or audio into the new tempo. the parts themselves moves in the arrangewindow, but the actual musical information dont align into the new tempo.
this is bugging me out, as Im used to building up a few beats and then change tempos to get the right feel and groove for the track.
so, I try to change between Time Linear and Bars + Beats Linear in the timeline up at the right hand side, and then I change tempo to see if my parts follow along. well, it moves the parts, but does not align the midi or audio into the new tempo.
so I open the Preferences, to check if its something in there that needs to be changed. under Editing, I try and change the Default Track Time Type, I try all 3 settings, also with changing between time Lineaer and Bars + Beats Linear in the timeline.
still no good, nothing changes more than the tempo, again all the parts (both midi and audio) move positions but does not change with the tempo.

so I thought to check in the operating manual for this, and that is when I discovered another issue.
when I try to go for the operating manual via the menu “help” in nuendo, I get an errormessage saying “could not find the manual”. so Im thinking “ok, perhaps the manual didnt install properly, lets go see if its actually in the documentations folder”. yup, its there, but nuendo dont want to see it.
(pathway on my harddrive is: C - Program Files (x86) - Steinberg - Nuendo 5.5 - Documentation)

another issue Im experiencing is the “video engine has stopped working”, or something like that. sometimes it crashes my nuendo while im working, sometimes I get this when I exit nuendo. there seems to be no consistency to the matter.
the other day I got the errormessage about 10-15 minutes after I had closed down nuendo. I feel this is kinda strange, as Im not using any video in my tracks at all. could be that the video engine is still used for this , but it feels out of place…

Im using windows 7 64bit ultimate (all the latest updates) with nuendo 5.5.1 32bit version. (I didnt bother to install the 64bit version of nuendo, as most of my plugins are working best in 32bit.)

there is probably a dead easy solution for the tempo issue that Im having, would be great if I could get this sorted asap.
about the manual, Im not sure why nuendo wont find it as it seems to be in the correct place.
about the video engine, I seen others in this forum having similar issues, so it will hopefully be fixed soon.

Make sure your MIDI tracks are in Musical mode (little orange quarter note icon in the Inspector).


that did the trick, thanks a bunch, DG :slight_smile: