Tempo Manipulation Question

Trying to figure out the best (easiest) way to do this:

I have a piece of music - 2 sections.
For reasons I won’t get into (how it was sketched out originally) the situation is the SECOND section is on with Cubase tempo.

The First section, however is free form. NO correlation.
In fact - the section has 56 Bars where the music is only 34,

The second section (in time) is not the same tempo as the first. There is a tempo event between the two (at 57.1.1).

What I want to do is - without affecting the music timing or the second section - make those 56 bars into 34. Then I can go in with the Warp tool and get it spot on. It’s orchestral stuff and kind of floats around.

Anyone know a quick way to do this?


EDIT: I should add what I do now:

I move the second section somehow. In this case - 57 bars to 34 - I can use the Warp tool (grid) to stretch out the first section (on the Tempo event) till 35.1.1 lines up with the end of that section. Then I use Range/Delete Time to get rid of bars 35-56. Section 2 pops back in place.
This is sloppy. And if I’m working to picture with several cues all in a row?? Impossible. Everything gets out of whack.
If I change ALL the tracks to linear mode - and then process bars? That might work.
Id there any way to change 68 tracks to Linear mode all at once?

Sorry for the long post and THANKS for any help.

My first post is rambling but I’ll leave it.

Simplify the Question:

  1. I want to take the space between the Left and Right locaters and - without effecting the Music timing at all or, of course, the time OR any other music outside of those locaters - and turn x bars into x + y. Or x bars into x - y.
    It would be nice to keep all my markers outside of the locaters in the same place, also. Bar numbers would change, of course.

Is there a way to do this?

And if it requires changing all tracks to linear mode is there a way to do this for many tracks at a go?


Maybe the safest way would be to use the logical editor to multiply all events and lengths by the fraction needed, so as not to disturb events outside the part(s).

Of course, you can use the object size tool too…

High Hugh

I guess the best way to do this would be to create a midi click track by inputting it manually and then use the Merge Tempo from Tapping function. Important to make sure all tracks are set to “Linear” timebase and not “musical”. Setting to Linear makes the tracks stay in their “realtime” position and not relative to “bars” Hope this helps.

Best Regards