Tempo Map from Click Track?

Hello guys, although I have upgraded to C6 (and 6.5), I am still working on C5.5.3. Don’t ask why because even I do not know the answer. Anyway, to the point;

I get a friend to send me projects from time to time. They come as separate stereo wav files and there is a click track included but no tempo map. I tend to import into a fresh C5 audio project, open the click track in sample editor, detect all the hitpoints, turn them into markers, exit to arrange window and line up the ruler by using the magnetic grid function (audio warp tool?), and snapping each marker to its nearest beat. Works fine BUT, oh so time consuming.

Is there a way to snap ALL the markers to their relative beats on the ruler please? Would save me loads of time and prevent R.S.I. !

Thank you.

Oh, PS: If I start using C6 and save opened C5 projects, will the audio stay as it is or be re-encoded to the flac system? Again, thank you.

FLAC is an option in C6.5 not the rule.

C6.5 will open C5 projects fine.