Tempo map

Does any one know how to import a tempo map ?

I can save a tempo map in Logic, which is basically saving a midi file. This midi file contains midi info and the tempo map info.

I can open that .midfile in Pro Tools no problem. When I take the same .mid file and import it in Nuendo (“import MIDI”) I get the midi info but not the tempo map.

If I instead try to import a tempo map(“Import Tempo Map”), Nuendo asks for a .smt file, whatever that is…



Check your Preferences for MIDI file import. You have the option to import tempo information, or not.



I’m using N5.5 and there isn’t an option for import tempo

If you export a tempo track from Nuendo or Cubase, it will have an “.smt” extension, therefore
that extension is used to re-import a tempo track.

If you want to import a tempo track from a different source, save the original as a midi file - with or without midi info.
You then Import/Midi File/…point to your midi file…when it loads, delete the midi info if you so desire, and you’re left with the tempo map as per the midi file

What DG means [I think!] is that when you import a midi file, Preferences/Midi/Midi File/Import - “Ignore Master track events on merge”, will bypass the tempo info of the midi file and paste the midi info at the current project tempo…so don’t tick that if you want the tempo info. :wink:

Exactly. :wink:


Thanks Guys!