Tempo mapping for film in Cubase

I’ve been using Cubase for my whole life but the past two years I’ve changed to Logic 9 because they have a neat feature for film composers. In logic you can add markers to specific time codes (hit points) that you choose in the movie you’ve imported and then you can use ‘beat mapping’ to make the tempo fit these hit points in your movie. This is a cool and timesaving feature compared to the old tempo sheets and calculationg things yourself.

Though I really like this beat mapping feature I’m getting really sick of Logic since it really sucks in all other ways. Therefore I would like to go back to Cubase (especially with the new version 6 coming up - hopefully 64-bit on mac).

Anyone who knows how to efficiently work with time/tempo in Cubase when working as a film composer?

Greets from Denmark! :slight_smile:


You have been able to do this in Cubase a very long time. See printed manual, pages 417 onwards, or search with “Time Warp” or “Process tempo”.

Ahh… cool!

I Googled “time warp” and found a good article:


Looks like it’s about the same feautre as beat mapping in Logic. I’ll check it out.

Anyone know if there is a solution for the “ramp” tempo thing when time warping or trying to make an accel/rit. fit a hit point on a down beat?


Hi, i’m currently scoring an indie film, and am having a real issue with the time warp tool in cubase… for example. i’ve been able to lock bar 2 with the beginning of film exactly where i want it (using a marker track)… at 88 bpm - ive used the time warp tool/shift to lock this beat - shows 88 in the ruler bar at the top of the display. At the end of the intro sequence i place a marker at the exact spot to end the music… a few scenes later i want to score a faster sequence at exactly 95 bpm… i would greatly appreciate a detailed explanation… the manual is limited, as are video tutorials… when i try to move the ruler to match up with my marker, so i can cue sequencers etc. it changes the tempo of the previously LOCKED tempo of 88 bpm… to 87 or 86… also, if i edit the tempo in the tempo track, it moves my markers! If i set the markers to musical mode, it becomes out of sink with the film as well… any help or direction would be helpful… thx!