Tempo Mapping from MIDI

I came across a comment in response to a YouTube video about getting the tempo for things in Cubase:

It’s WAY faster and easier to do this by tapping along with the downbeat on a MIDI keyboard or drum pad, and then using the > convert MIDI to tempo track function in the MIDI menu> . You can get the whole thing done in the time it takes to play back the song.

I am trying to find this function - but it is nowhere to be found in C6, for me. I looked everywhere I could think of, there is no option in the MIDI menu, or anywhere for that matter. Is this still possible to do? I have a track I want to map out but the Tempo Detection feature isn’t working properly on it (bad quality audio). I have recorded the MIDI hits on the downbeats for the entire song already.

Also, I tried taking those MIDI hits, sending them to a drum VSTi, bouncing the audio of that out (a snare hit on every downbeat), then doing Tempo Detection on that. However, I got the error saying something about it detecting a major tempo change and it couldn’t go farther than that point, so only about 1/5 of the song was mapped.

Yes, it is there in Cubase 6 it’s just named different and it´s in the “functions” menu.


“Merge Tempo from Tapping” is the new name for it. Also, it’s worth noting that the MIDI file you are trying to do this with needs to be selected before right-clicking to get the menus, otherwise “Functions” doesn’t show up. Thanks again.