Tempo mark question mark

Hello, I have tried to put in a tempo mark at the beginning but I do not get a note but a question mark in a box where the quester note should be. I annot find any way to make this into a nice note. So it is question mark in box = 120. Thank you.

Dag Margriet, welkom op het Dorico forum (assuming your language is Dutch… Back to English:)
A ‘?’ in a box normally indicates that the computer can’t find the character in the designated font, in this case probably Bravura Text. Did you just install or update Dorico? Then the font cache may still contain old or invalid references to earlier versions of it. Try restarting your computer, it will sometimes fix it.

Yes, Nederlands. I have installed Dorico 5 a short while ago, I had 4. I will restart the computer. And will have a look at the font cache. Thank you! Fast answer! Met groeten

I found on several occasions that even though I still had Bravura Text font installed, it somehow switched off.
To check, go to Library/Font Styles/Metronome Music Text Font and make sure Bravura Text is the selected Font family.

Thank you! will report of progres.

Yes! That was it. Thank you so much! Met groet.

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Perhaps it is good to confirm your remark that the Bravoura Text font indeed switched off in Metronome Music Text. The next day when I wanted to continue my score I checked and it was back to the former font on its own. It did however not effect the quarter note in my bpm mark. Possibly of note: I work on a Mac.