Tempo mark when a piece start with a fermata

I have added a Giocoso (quaver = 115) tempo at the start of the piece but since there is a fermata at the beginning I edited the timeline in Playtime, but this affects the tempo display (quaver = 52), so I moved the tempo at the end of the fermata but this was I cannot edit the timeline in Play mode.
I start again and Dorico displays automatically quaver = 52-120, but there is not 120 anywhere in the piece.
I wonder if there is a way to unlink the tempo displayed and the tempo for the playback.

Draw in extra tempo mark points immediately after the start tempo mark, in the Time track, within the first bar? And just make sure the last one of the extra points is at the tempo you want for the piece.

Thank you, I have to draw the tempo marks after the absolute tempo mark, of course!

Exactly, each point in Play mode is essentially a separate tempo mark, just hidden by default in the music. Only one tempo mark can exist at each rhythmic position.