Tempo Marking and Rehearsal Letter Engraving

Is there a layout option that gets this result?

I’ve tried a fair number of engraving options in the Tempo category but no matter what, this is the best I get.

bmomusical, why is there a dashed line before the tempo marking?

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I suppose it’s a gradual tempo marking extension line :wink:

I am sure, it is :wink:
And I guess, if bmomusical ended the extension line before the bar line, Dorico could be given the opportunity to put the rehearsal mark at a better place.

Is the extension line really needed? In most cases it is not. I see a lot of these in Dorico files and they seem to be some sort of default.

Also, “playful” might be better as part of the style marking - Allegro moderato, playful.

Have a look at the settings in Engraving Options > Tempo > Horizontal Position, especially the first two. When I increase “Distance between end of gradual tempo change line and barline to its right” to 2½, the rehearsal letter has room to drop down to its normal position. And for the next one I select “Position to the right”.

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accel. - - - - |F| Allegro moderato

I agree but the composer wants it this way.