Tempo marking and Suppress Playback

In scoring a piece that has a guitar part, I doubled the guitar and them suppressed playback on the second guitar part, so wouldn’t have to hear it when listening to the whole rendered piece.
I did this doubling because I used a keyboard pedal for the guitar part, but sine I couldn’t make it invisible when printing the score part, I doubled it and erased the Ped.
For some reason the tempo track stopped working, so instead of playing back at 80 BPM, it’s using the default of 120BPM.
I tried to deselect the suppress playback for the tempo marking, but it won’t respond even after saving the file. I even deselected the feature for the whole part and in the play screen, I deselected Halion from this particular duplicate track.
Anyone had this happen before? Any other way around this?
Any suggestions very much appreciated.
Thank you in advance.
These shots are a before -during-after, to show how the program “defaults” back to selecting “suppress layback”

Can you attach the project itself, so we can take a look?

Here it is.
Every time I de-select “suppress Playback” for the tempo marking, and then click on the screen to de-select the tempo marking in the score, it reverts back to “suppress playback” and the piece plays at the 120 BPM default.
El Hallazgo.dorico (750.5 KB)

I don’t know why, but I simply deleted the tempo mark and then re-created it and all was well!

OK. Will try it.

When you did as described, did all the instruments start playing? I ask because I did what you suggested and got only guitar 2 to play with the correct tempo. The other instruments are silent/mute.
I’ve checked the mixer and nothing is muted. I’ve gone through all the available layouts and only the ones with Guitar 2 produce sound.
Baffled and confused. What have I done wrong, or am missing?

Sorry, I was only focused on your Guitar 2 - No other instruments played.

You are taking me out of my comfort zone. I’m not competent to diagnose VST settings, but I do see that you have just the one patch loaded in Halion (in slot 7 which corresponds to guitar 2).

If I reapply the playback template HSSE+HSO(Pro) all the instruments play (and the slots are reallocated)

Thank you. It solved the issue for me. I just can’t figure out what I did to cause all these changes. Guess I need to keep at it.
In any case, thanks for your help.

A similar problem here. I suppressed playback on a gradual tempo change (a rall.) and the following Allegretto marking, intending this to be a temporary measure, but the slider went back to ‘on’ as soon as I resumed playback . Indeed, I needed only to click on either of the tempo markings to see the slider jump., playback or not.
So I deleted the rall. and created a new one in its place, and then experimentally played back from that bar. The rall. now played back properly, but (to my surprise) the Suppress Playback setting for the Allegretto this time remained off (as I wanted it to be), although I hadn’t deleted/recreated this marking.