tempo marking problems

Hi there,

A quick thing – I was trying to create a tempo marking of “Più mosso (Tempo II)”
but Dorico insists on the lower case variation “Più mosso (tempo ii)”

I’m not sure why – seems well-intentioned but not particularly practical.
The capitalization of my choice is displayed correctly in the Properties text.


There’s quite a long thread about this subject (very close at least) here -


yes but that doesn’t solve anything for me – it just argues for capitalization at the start of a sentence… I can’t have “tempo ii” instead of “Tempo II” – Roman numerals are always capitalized (right?) – “tempo ii” looks like tempo of the minor 2 chord… :slight_smile:

Yes, you are right - this might be a bug. I guess you could use shift-X for regular text as a workaround, but obviously that’s not ideal.

indeed – if I use shift-X then I have to copy that tempo indication to every part separately instead of it being “system text” (as we’d say in Sibelius)

If I type “Più mosso (Tempo II)” into the Shift+T popover, I do get exactly what I typed, with the capitalisation as shown here, though Dorico doesn’t recognise the “più” modifier. However, this is probably acceptable for the time being.

aha - great! I didn’t think of typing it straight in there, I tried to concoct it via the tempo menu pallette, and adding the (Tempo II) suffix.

Great, thank you!