Tempo marking suggestion

This may be in the pipeline already - I would find it more streamlined if rhythmic feel were a property of the tempo marking rather than a separate element. As it is, I find it unwieldy to work with rhythmic feels, as they often coincide with a tempo marking.

The other thing I would like to see is the ability to specify the type of tempo marking (i.e. absolute/relative/reset), either via a property or through the popover (or both).

And finally, when selecting, say, “mosso”, in the relative tempo change, I would expect “piu” and “meno” to adjust the percentage to be higher and lower than 100% respectively, but currently it seems that “mosso” is always 110%.

We know about the issue with “meno” and we will take care of that in due course.

At the moment there is of course no printed indication of rhythmic feel, but this is something we anticipate adding in a future version.