Tempo marking text

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What’s the best way to include additional text after tempo markings so they’re also linked with the parts? Thanks! Geoffrey Peterson

Enter the text as the tempo text, the metronome mark as the metronome mark (attached to the same tempo object as the text) then use the property to put the metronome mark before the text.

If you need the text to be a different style to your textual tempo markings (I note that your example uses a regular font style rather than the bold style typically used for tempo markings) it may make more sense to construct the whole thing as a system text object (Shift-Alt-X). Right-click for a menu that allows you to insert music symbols, in order to fake the metronome mark, then type text in whatever style you like. Then if you want Dorico to respect the tempo change in playback, separately add a metronome mark then untick its metronome mark property to hide it on the page.


Or indeed, you could a tempo mark for the ‘actual’ tempo, and system text for the text.

Isn’t that a ‘title’ of the musical section? Might Flow Headings be more apt?

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