Tempo markings : independent size between score and parts


I’m writing a large score and the default size for tempo markings is too small. However, I don’t see anyway to make it larger (in font styles) without interfering with individual parts.

The only workaround is see is to manually change the scale of each item on the score. Is there another way I forgot? How do you engrave big scores where the tempo markings size is obviously bigger than in the individual parts?

I realize this is not directly answering your question, but I usually bump into the same problem, and the way I come around it is by setting the ‘Size’ property to ‘Absolute’ rather than ‘Staff relative’. That way the tempo text will be prevented to shrink in size as the staff size of the score gets smaller, resulting in a relatively large tempo text in the score and an (almost) similar size like before in the parts, assuming the staff size in your parts is about 7 mm.

Normally one tries to change the Paragraph Style (if there is one, rather than the font style .

I agree this could be better. I get it the way I like it in the parts, then select all tempo items in the score and bump them up using the Custom Scale property.


It could be a good idea that Font and Paragraph styles have to different size options, one for the score, and one for the individual parts. It think it works like that in Sibelius.

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