Tempo markings with tempo equivalents

I’m trying but struggling to enter the tempo marking “e=e rubato colla voce”

It doesn’t seem to allow me to have a rhythmic equivalent and a text field. (It will only allow numerical metronome marks and text together). Does anyone know a workaround for this?

Tempo equations can’t also show tempo text. You could try inputting the text part as system-attached text, or add the whole thing as system-attached text and use the Insert Music Text dialog to add the quavers.

I would definitely do Lillie’s 2nd suggestion since it’s an equivalence.

Ok, I’ll do that, thanks. Is there some reasoning why dorico doesn’t allow text with a tempo equation, just like it does with a metronome mark? It seems an arbitrary and unnecessary restriction.

Tempo equations are handled somewhat differently to other tempo markings in terms of their alignment and positioning, so for expediency we elected at the time we implemented them to only allow the display of an equation and no additional text. We may revisit this in future, but we have no concrete plans to do so.