Tempo objects size too small on upper smaller staff...

According to the manual, the system object takes on the size of the upper staff, but in a score with for example piano and voice (where the voice staff is smaller), the tempo object look wrong in size. Is there a way to set the object not to be staff size depending?

Go to Engrave mode. Then Engrave > Font Styles. Then, for both “Immediate Tempo Text Font” and “Gradual Text Font” (and anything else you use as a system text object) click the “Absolute” button.
This will then respect the pt size rather than scaling it to the staff size.

Thanks again. I adjusted the tempo size in the properties panel instead, but I had the feeling there should be another way.

I don’t know if it’s the value by default: in my system it’s 11 pts. I find 13pts to be a better value…

Yes, I have 11 as well as defaults setting.13 looks indeed a little better. I also set the Metronome music text to absolute, those were too small as well.

Hi both - excellent tip, I have now updated the note about the size of the top staff in bracketed groups affecting the size of system objects to include this suggestion.

Excellent! Now this is why printed books are getting out of fashion fast, and tablets are more practical :slight_smile:

Something wonderful about being able to flick pages though, and feel how far you are through a book physically… in any case, that update isn’t live yet - I’ll publish that early next week.

Always happy to help, Lillie :wink: