Tempo/pitch difference

Ok i came to find out that there is a bpm/pitch difference between if you run a song thru your device speakers or thru bluetooth headphones… on bt headphones the bpm drops 10-20 bpm and instruments are pitched lower.

Normally i would appoint that to the audio difference between the speakers and the headphones
But now i mixeddown the same piece 2x
1 with bluetooth off and the other with blue tooth on and connected to the headphones
And it appears that the bpm/pitch difference is actually a thing as both mixdowns have different bpms/pitches.

It seems that bluetooth slows down the speed of a song (while tempo indicator stays the same) as a whole causing the pitch of every instrument being lowered.

Is there a fix for this?

Imo if there is a clock difference between no bluetooth and bluetooth on, i can somewhat understand its a hardware thing… but in either case, when you mixdown a song there should be no difference in the produced file between if the bluetooth is on and when its off… thats weird behaviour…
After rendering both audiofiles should sound exactly the same.

This could be a ‘sample rate related issue’ as Cubasis always seems to work at the sample-rate set by the connected hardware and connected BT devices can sometimes change the sample-rate that is being used which could explain the variation in pitch.

Personally I never use BT for audio as the latency introduced for real-time audio stuff drives me nuts.

Hopefully it will some day be possible to set the ‘project sample-rate’ independently from the set hardware sample-rate…


Hi Samuel,
I’m glad to read what you wrote, I also struggle when trying to edit using BT audio and thought perhaps it’s a setting that needs changing and I can’t find it. My BT earbuds allow for YouTube sync to eliminate latency problems, pity Cubasis didn’t have this kind of feature.

The way Youtube ‘fixes’ this is that it delays the video output to match the sound.
Once you have a ‘synced stream’ going you will not notice it…

…but this does not work for ‘real-time’ audio when playing an on-screen keyboard or monitoring a microphone input etc.

So in short, BT works OK for ‘media consumption’ but not so well for ‘media creation’.


But its pitch and tempo… similar to speeding a record down…
And the bpm indicator stays on the same bpm but you can clearly hear the lower tempo and lower pitch of all the instruments… so the whole app slows down.

I mixdown’d the same bit twice to wav… once with bt on and once with bt off
With bt: 0.17 sec
Without bt: 0.15 sec

Thats a bit too much of a difference

It’s the sample-rate difference 44.1k to 48k or even 24k in some rare cases.

Shouldnt make a difference when you mixing down…
In live playback… not very desireable but ok…
But a mix down shouldnt be affected, regardless if bt is on or off, the mixdown should be exactly the same in both cases,

It shouldn’t but it does because…

…the sample-rate Cubasis uses is ultimately dictated by the device that is playing back the audio (BT Headset, Built-in Speaker, Audio-Interface etc.) so if you record something at for example 44.1k and ‘something’ switches the playback rate to for example 48k everything will play back at a different speed and sound ‘out of tune’.

The only long-term solution here is for Cubasis to use a device-independent sample-rate for the project and then ‘re-sample’ during playback to the target devices sample-rate.


The mixdown should be independed from the output…
Basically a wav containing onboars instrumenrs should sound the same from every device…

I know and it should also be also be possible to render a project to any sample-rate and bit-depth (44.1k, 48k, 96k and various bit-depths 16,24 & 32-bit float etc. ).

We’ll have to wait and see if this area of Cubasis improves during 2024…

Ok, thanks

Hi @CJ_Monster

Please let us have a clip that shows the exact steps to make this happen.
Do you use Cubasis on iOS or Android?