Tempo Project vs Pool

I’m working on a remix of a 90’s track that was recorded at exactly 124.965 BPM and I would love to be able to tweak the tempo.
Unfortunately, the pool only appears to support 2 digits of resolution instead of 3. 124.96 is going to get off beat, likewise with 124.97.
Ideally, I would like to set the tempo of the stems to 124.965 BPM and use musical time.
Is there a work around for this?

Why would it get off beat ?
If you set the project and every audio file to the same tempo, they would be in (same) time.

It gets off beat, you can watch it by zooming in on the end of the event and clicking the Mus box in the pool.
If I use 124.96, it shifts left, if I use 124.97, it shifts right. This shift persists when you change the tempo of the project.
It makes it impossible to correctly set the tempo of the event in the pool for 124.965 BPM.