Tempo questions

Hey all, two questions…

1- how do i determine the bpm of an audio file (mp3) in Cubase?

2- is it possible to use the metronome without playing a track, ie just use the metronome on its own without any tracks playing?



To use the metronome, Cubase must be in Play mode, if that is the question.

You can also record the just the metronome and create a track while doing it. Set your length markers in your project, say 30 bars, go to ‘Signature Track’ under the ‘Project’ tab and then click on ‘Render audio clicks between locators’.

Easy, just use the tempo detection feature. The audio has to have at least 7 seconds and recognizable hit points. Cheers

Where do I find tempo detection? I’ve looked under Project menu and Googled but can’t find it.

You need the Pro version, it is under “Project” menu

oh that would explain why i can’t find tempo detection, i’m on elements, well that sucks. is there any way to get the bpm for an audio file in elements? i’m on version 11

is there a way to increase the metronome’s volume? i see audio click level under click sounds but it won’t go above 127