Tempo/Signature import doesn't work

Just purchased VST Live Pro 2. Exported project from Cubase Pro 13 with an arranger track marking songs. When importing in VST Live, only one signature per-song is imported and imported tempo is always 120bpm. Events are not synchronized or aligned. Seems like VST Live Pro does not support multi-tempo multi-signature projects?

Hi! It does :slight_smile: but important to create tempo + signature tracks under the Cubase song first.

Then at exporting, need to check for export tpo + sign tracks too.

Afterwards, when importing to VSTLive, you will find everithing :slight_smile:

Yes, I did all that. Tempo and Signature tracks are setup in cubase. In exporting from Cubase, I did export them as well. I can see the .mprjtempo and .mprjsign tracks in the exported files. VST Live doesn’t import them, when I import the exported project.

Hmmm, I do this regularly… let me think

The forum doesn’t allow me to upload multiple screenshots, let me try doing so one-by-one.

Cubase project containing all tempo and signature changes. Notice the song Again has many timing signature changes and the Song let go has many tempo changes.

The song again in VST Live Pro has no signature changes, just 4/4 at 120bpm.

The song let go in VST Live has no tempo changes, just 120 bpm at 4/4.

Export from cubase does have a lot of tempo and signature files.

Hi! One more Screenshot please about the “Export to VSTLive” view in Cubase, where all tracks can be selected

Not sure what you want to see here, but here you go,

Hi @ragav.venkatesan ! exactly this :slight_smile:
It looks, you’ve checked Tempo and Signature tracks correctly, that should work indeed.

I tryed quickly again, and seems importing all the tempo changes with the same way as expect to work. hmmm. Currently tested with todays 2.0.10 (avaiable on Steinberg Download Assistant)

Ok, so it doesn’t work for me as the screenshots above show. There is definitely a bug when there is multiple signature and tempo changes.
It seems like my only option is to request return since I can’t use it without having signature and tempo tracks working…

No, I have music with multiple signature + tempo changes. I works. Let’s find what meight be the problem!
What do you use?

  • Cubase version
  • VSTLive version

Cubase Version: 13.0.30
VST Live Version:

Hi! Created a project with Cubase 13.0.30 with lot’s of multiple signatures and tempos.

MultiTempo.cpr (95.2 KB)
Then exported with Cubase as .vlsprj

Imported to todays (please update your VST Live 2 first!!) 2.0.10 and there are all the entries after import.

Ok, tried the new version 2.0.10, exactly the same. Issue still remains,.

Hi! Did you try both the files I prepared you for testing?

Yes, here is your project on cubase.

And the same project when imported into VST Live, when I exported it from cubase

It doesn’t work!

And finally, here is when I directly use your vlsprj file. That doesn’t work either.