Tempo Sync Problems Please Help

Hi , I’m new to Cubase 6 ( have Cubase SL ) but my head is spinning re. tempo problems .

I’m trying to mix backing tracks for myself so I am firstly importing an original mp3 of the song into cubase . I am slicing the start of the song so the drums come in at measure 1 . I am running Tempo detection ( which is working out well !! ) and giving me a BPM which wanders around 105 BPM . The metronome matches up with the bass drum nicely . Now when I check the pool the BPM here is 120.43 ???

Now I also have a audio drum track for this song which I am importing also . It is very close in tempo and shows 120.68 in the Pool when imported . I don’t seem to be able to sync the 2 tracks .

It seems that the BPM in the pool is the problem . When the original track is Tempo Detected at 105 BPM (although reading 120 in the pool ) and I turn on musical mode for the drum track alone it slows the drum track down ( it is around 106 BPM but showing 120 in the pool . So is it assuming it needs to be slowed from 120 to 105 when it is already very close to 105 . Can I manuualy edit the pool BPM so that it reads close to the actual BPM .

Please be easy on me as I realise I have waffled on a bit and I may not be getting my point across right :smiley:

You’re supposed to. Curious as to why you just didn’t try it.

Because trying to get my head around all that Cubase 6 can do has fried my thought processes :smiley: It is a lot to take in .

So , if I get this right , when I import the audio track I have to work out the tempo and then manually change it from 120 in the Pool ( Cubase SL had none of this BTW ) The Tempo can’t be exact as it is moving re. the Tempo detection
When I bring the second track in , I still can’t get them to line up ?

Couple of possible things to try…after tempo detect of a track you can “set definition from tempo” of the audio file…this will give you correct tempo information of that file & it can even be saved to the audio file itself.

So if you did this to your drums they would theoretically import into the other track in time (after you tempo detect that too)

The other way is to forget about trying to have it automatically done & use freewarp…should be easy to line up the kick at the beginning of your first bar…then count beats through to the next bar & warp this to the grid. Depending on how variable the track tempo is you might get away with only putting a new warp tab in every 4 or 8 bars.

& there must be a way to do it with hitpoint detection & audio quantise, but not sure of the method off the top of my head.

For freely recorded material, I prefer Warp Tabs to get a groove template that exactly matches the performance. For some reason, Cubase is hit or miss (mostly miss) when it comes to reporting the correct tempo of clips in the Pool. Correcting them is always the first step, here.

LOL and someone I told to move on from composing in .MID files to Cubase or at least Reason 5 told me they refuse to spend money on such simplistic things. I just shook my head and face palmed and said whatever floats your boat. :laughing: I’m sure many of the users here will find humor in the ignorance of their statement.

Thankyou Grim !! Used Freewarp and Set Definition from tempo and reimported the drums and got them to line up . Again thank you !!