Tempo Sync Problems

So I imported an audio file so I could drop it in the chord track, see the chords and then play along and record a simple bass track. Then I deleted the audio track, tempo track and signature track. I then manually tidied up some of the note timings. Basically I wanted to record a slower version of the original audio track. Every thing was fine at the original tempo but when i lowered my temp I could see all of the notes move and go out of sync. I used analyse tempo and when running at original imported tempo i could see that the tempo was jumping around but the click track was in time so I thought all was well.

So at original 130bpm i have below
When i drop the tempo to 110 I get the below
Clearly I have not used the tempo track before but i did research how to import and analyse. I am not able to find anything specific to my problem.
I also see that if i activate tempo track it changes the tempo from 130 to 127 and again the notes are out of sync. I have no problem if i have to start over again if someone can give me a few pointers.

many thanks

See How Musical Mode and Linear/Musical Timebase Interact

Does your track show the Note icon

or the clock icon


Hi, I deleted the audio track already. I didn’t turn that on at any point though

But you asked about midi tracks. What’s your question, can you clarify?

Your midi track needs to be in Musical Timebase for the notes to follow the tempo.

See: Defining the Track Time Base

Yes, sorry. I assumed that when bringing in the audio and using analyse audio it would have been the audio track I would have needed to check. The issue is indeed with my resulting midi file. To clarify, I add an instrument track to record a simple bass line. I add an audio track and import an mp3 file. The audio is obviously out of time with .y click track so I use analyse audio. This adds a tempo track which fluctuates around 129bpm. I play the project and see that the tempo is moving around but the click track is in perfect time. I record the bass and then delete the audio and tempo track. So now I want to slow down the midi bass track to the desired tempo and this is when the events in the track are no longer in sync with the beats and bars and click track.