Tempo sync to VST problem

In Cubase (and other DAWs), the project tempo syncs to VST instruments. I just assumed that they would behave the same in Dorico, but seemingly they do not.

In my current project, a mix of acoustic & synth VSTs, I had the idea to send a chord to an arpeggiating synth (Kontakt/Mallet Flux), and to use a Rit. to slow the tempo.

Here’s how it sounds in Dorico:

And here’s how it sounds after exporting it to Cubase (I didn’t export the hihat):

I don’t see any posts about this in the Forum archive, so maybe I’ve missed something obvious?

Dorico does not at the present time send tempo or bar position information to VST instruments and effects.

Mhm. Is it a big thing, or a small thing, to implement? Just wondering how far down the road it might be.

It’s a big thing, and requires quite a lot of work both in Dorico and in the audio engine.