Tempo text below staff

I often see tempo text like “ritardando” etc. below the staff in published works but there doesn’t seem to be a default setting for this in Dorico. I’m thinking this could/should be a setting in Engraving options > Tempo > Vertical position and also in the bottom panel in Write mode if you have a tempo text selected.

This has been already asked for (especially in italics, in the middle of a grand staff — is it what you’re referring to?)

Yes, I guess so.
I realize that there seems to be a difference between absolute tempo markings (Allegro, Presto, Maestoso etc.) and gradual tempo changes (ritardando, accelerando) in publications – perhaps this could be considered? (but perhaps that’s just my personal perception and not a real thing)

It’s already been acknowledged as a real thing (although from the past, but worth the implementation when time allows), so it should already be on the devs’ backlog.