Tempo/text indications going off printable area

I wonder if there will eventually be a fix for this.

When a tempo indication or text-based expression line is too long to fit comfortably in one measure it often ends up protruding into non-printing areas of the page.

After going over some parts I prepared recently, I hadn’t noticed one particular tempo marking (tempo text then beats and tempo number) was completely off the page in three orchestral parts, because that measure happened to be the final measure on a system in those parts.

It would be nice for Dorico to either automatically realize that something is protruding into non-printable territory, or at least let us create tempo markings that can exist on two lines when space is too tight.

I could see two solutions to this situation:

  1. Dorico moves a measure with a long tempo marking to the next system.
  2. An option to show where to “break” the tempo marking so that it splits into two lines would be nice?

You know, you enter “Adagio ma non troppo (♪ = 44)”, and then could maybe specify that should need arise, Dorico can save horizontal space by placing the “(♪ = 44)” part beneath the “Adagio” text.

Unfortunately, this happens often when working with small measures, time signatures with few beats.


That happen to me sometimws. I go to Engrave mode, select the measure and move it to the next system.

That would get my vote. (I think moving the bar to the next system should always be a manual choice)

This is definitely something we want to address in future, as the current options for handling this situation when it arises are not ideal.


Actually, I’d also settle for some VERY visible visual indicator that “this measure overlaps printable area”? Like maybe that measure suddenly appears in bright blue or something?

Sometimes, you’ve just been looking at a part or score TOO long, and your brain isn’t registering errors, even of this sort.

Maybe this could be part of a bigger “Proof Reading” tool, where all kinds of things could be checked for.