Tempo text possible as suffix?

In many cases I would like to place text after the mentromone mark, but the panel only has the option to place it before the metronome number. Would it be possible to add this option?

What kind of text do you want to show following the metronome mark? Is it actually a tempo, or is it some kind of qualification for the metronome mark?

For example an asterix after the metronome mark to point to a comment at the bottom of the page. I am engraving a piano bundle at the moment where the composer has a written tempo in his score of 6=144, but on a recording he is playing 6=84 which is a big difference. I would like to write this as a footnote on the bottom of that page. There were some other examples I came accross which I don’t remember right now which I solved with SHIFT+x and placed them after the tempo mark.