Tempo to left of rehearsal mark

Here, both items are attached to the downbeat:


I believe the tempo mark should always be to the right of the rehearsal mark, right? I’m having to move every instance of this manually.

Is this the intended behavior? I would think the order of these elements should be reversed by default. Thanks.

FWIW, here’s what I get by default in Dorico:


Maybe experiment with the Engraving Options for Rehearsal Marks and Tempo? If I switch the options for Tempo to “position below” and Rehearsal Marks “to the right of clef and key sig” I get this which seems closer to your settings:


Perhaps play around with those settings to avoid all the manual editing. I have my rehearsal marks set to “Left-align with systemic barline” with a 4 space offset.

I m ok with the default position of Dorico

I’m OK with what you’re OK with. That doesn’t change the fact that traditional placement of a style or tempo marking is flush left with the time signature. All others come after.

I’m not following: are you saying the original example I posted looks correct?

Hi there

Rehearsal marks would usually appear to the left of a tempo indication at the same rhythmic location, if they occupy the same horizontal plane.

But I’m here to note that 6/8+3/4+7/8 is a bar size/sub-division that I wouldn’t allow as an editor. Is it for real?


Yes, to me it’s correct. Tempo marks flush left to the time signature. Rehearsal marks refer to a barline, in this case an imaginary barline at the start of the music.

It’s a bit unusual to see a rehearsal mark at the beginning of a piece. Maybe there is a good reason.

It’s bar 10

Yes indeed!

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Alas, I am but the lowly engraver here. For the record, it’s an outstanding work, and the meter makes sense when you hear it.

I cannot post images either.