Tempo track and pasting

Been having this problem for quite a while now, keep hoping to see it fixed in an update. My workflow is usually to mix all tracks of an album in one large project. When I recieve mix files they’re normally divided by song, and with a midi track for tempo maps. I will then open the midi file in a new project and copy the tempo events from there.

  1. Create a project
  2. Open a different project, open tempo track editor and copy events
  3. Focus back to the first project and open tempo track editor
  4. Paste in tempo events. Everything will paste in fine, except the last node which will have the same tempo as where you started the paste.

My workaround has been to take note of the value of the last node and put it in manually after pasting, but I’d prefer if it was just working as it should of course.

When it comes to pasting time signatures, that’s a whole other story… Much bigger issues with that, behaves very erratic.


Reported to Steinberg (CAN-16451).

Thank you Martin!