Tempo Track Changes Audio Events


I’ve tranferred a track from Ableton Live to Cubase by exporting the different instrument parts and then recording the vocals in Cubase. The tracks changes tempo, so I made a Tempo Track by exporting a 4/4 drum from Live. The tempo is just perfect now. The issue is that by doing so the audio I’d already recorded in Cubase changes it’s initial starting point. And since I made a lot of crossfading in those it is impossible for me to recreate it if I use the tempo track.

So, how do I make the audio events NOT change it’s starting point when I initiate the Tempo Track? I’ve tried changing from Musical to Linear. Doesn’t work. The only reason I want the tempo track is for my delay effects and so on sync in Cubase to the original tempo of the Ableton Live track.

Hope someone knows the answer. I’ve been messing about in Cubase for an hour now.

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Well you did what I was going to suggest by changing from musical to linear so what I would do in this case, (unless someone has a more efficient answer) is go back to your original tempo where your vocal tracks you recorded in CB work, then export them back to CB in their repaired form, then re-adjust your tempo. If the exported tracks are in musical, they should move to their proper position and tempo.