Tempo track from cubase to dorico

Hi everyone, I hope you can help me out with this issue I have,

So I did my tempo track and marker track in Cubase and exported it as a midi file so I can import it to dorico,

The project start time is 00:28:48:16

and when cubase warned me if I wanted to modify the timecode offset and ask me if I wanted to keep the project content at its timecode positions I click yes so I can start at bar one.

I also set the timecode at the cursor so they’ll be sync.

I think this is correct.

Then I open dorico and import the midi file as a tempo track

and my markers are there but they start a 00:00:00:00 so I went to properties and put the time code 00:28:48:16 in the timecode start box.

Now everything is perfect at first glance, the problem is that the video does not start at the correct time code 00:28:48:16 and when I put the correct time code into the video star offset in dorico my markers are gone.

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong or in what step am falling.

I hope you can help me out

thanks in advance.

can I know what you want to do specifically? I use Cubase and Doric, my English is very poor, but if I understand what you want to do I can try to help you

Hi and thanks,

I can export my tempo track(midi file) and import it to Dorico with the meter, tempo changes, and markers so that’s ok, the problem is that the video in Dorico does not start where it is supposed to and when I put the time code where is suppose to start in Dorico>properties>video start offset my markers are gone, that’s the problem I hope I make my self clear,

cheers and thank you

This is tricky. I wonder whether you would have better luck if you import your tempo track after attaching your video and setting the timecode start position in Video Properties?

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TT.mid (364 Bytes)

hi Daniel, I tried but no luck :disappointed_relieved:

here is the midi file and the video if you can try it will be very helpful

thanks in advance