Tempo Track Limitation problem

I recently became a Cubase LE 5 user after buying a Tascam US-1800 to record rehearsals of my band.
In order to practice my drumming I want to create a Tempo Track only project where I want to play 2-5 minutes with various tempos between 140 and 280 bpm. But when I create a Tempo Track with 2 minutes of 140,160,180,200 and 220 bpm it only goes up to 10 minutes and then I cannot scroll any further.

My question: is this just the limitation of Cubase LE 5 or am I doing somthing wrong/incredibly stupid? :slight_smile:

Thnx in advance!

The project length is set in the project setup - Read the manual, that´s why Cubase comes with one…

Increase the project length in Project | Project Setup.

You could always have a look at the Project Length in Project Setup!

@Everyone Lol I’ve been in the Project Setup but I thought those fields were not editable :laughing:
But it works now so thnx al for helping yet another n00b :smiley:

Hey guys another question:

Is it possible to output a Tempo Track as an audio file?
I did some searches and read some related questions, but often version etc. is not mentioned there.
Also in the manual no export is described.

You mean a clicktrack I suppose?
You could open your favourite VST instrument on an instrument track, find a nice click sound and paste that on quarter notes throughout the song and export that. Or you could record the Cubase click and export that.

Ok so there is no export function for Tempo Tracks. Thanks for your help!