Tempo track question changing Ramp to stepped Jumps

If I have a Ramp in the tempo track over, for example, one bar, is it possible to change it to a Jump version but in steps (for instance using the quantise resolution of 1/8 so there are 16 steps to the new tempo point at the beginning of the next bar) whilst keeping the start and finish timecode position the same?
(For clarity, the tempo change takes 2.3 seconds whether it is Ramp or Step Jumps).

Why not just use the Ramp? Well, Kontakt for one, doesn’t play well with the many, many tempo changes a Ramp has and does better with less incremental jumps.

Sorry if this already exists but if someone could explain how to or at least a workaround?

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I’m afraid there is no other way but draw the line manually.

“Kontakt … doesn’t play well…” What happens with that?
I just updated the PC (i7 - 10700K processor) and Cubase (from 10 to 11) and, for the 1st time, a ramped tempo change causes dropouts and glitches.

Thanks, Martin.

It’s a shame there isn’t something like I suggest but good to know I wasn’t being completely stupid!


BobUpstairs - some Kontakt libraries can struggle with the fast time-stretching when faced with tempo ramps. I’m surprised you haven’t faced it before now as it’s been around for years with various iterations of Kontakt.
I’m no PC expert (work on a Mac and not an expert in that!) but I wonder if it’s something else causing your issues if you haven’t experienced it with the same libraries before?
A new PC might still have the various Windows updaters/virus protectors all interfering with CPU? Just a thought…


Although I do have some Kontakt libraries, I’m not using them here. I have gone through the PC to turn off some of the bells and whistles that teenagers look for in a PC. No virus protection as the machine is never on the Internet for more than the time it takes to download software. I’m watching the processor load and although there’s spike when the ramp hits, it’s never over 30%.
I’ve always used the tempo ramp and never experienced any adverse effects… puzzling…


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