Tempo track Volume track????


Couple of questions-
Guys is there a way to vary the tempo throughout the songs?
I also need to fade my strings in and out. Sorry can’t remember the proper name for this , but I’m sure you get the idea.


varying the tempo is not possible at the moment.

Regarding the strings: Cubasis does not have volume automation at the moment, so I would advise you to use the handles of the events. To create a fade-in move the top-left handle of the event, to create a fade-out move the top-right handle. Another possibility would be, if your strings are audio, to create a fade using the sample editor.

If you have any further questions, let me know.

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Good day Frieder,

Do you have any information regarding the tempo change feature plans?

This feature is crucial, lack of it is a complete show stopper. It’s tolerable for other $15 priced “studios” out there, but completely unacceptable for $50 product. For comparison, Desktop version of GarageBand (the Mac version, not iOS) has the tempo track, and it’s priced below $50.

Any information on this subject is highly appreciated.

Thank you.


thanks for your post. Sorry, the tempo track for Cubasis is not planned in the very near future.

However, it would be very interesting if you could give us your use cases for the tempo track on the iPad. If we have some important use cases for the tempo track we could change the planning in this respect.

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I believe a tempo track should be a high priority. A classic example of use would be a rallentando (slowing down) at the end of a track. I also write pieces which change tempo and time signature in different sections, quite common in prog rock type pieces. Please move this up your list!

Hello Frieder,

Sorry to hear that. But well, the decision is up to you.

Regarding the use cases, I believe they’re the same as on Desktop. For example, recording a demo/sketch of the track to programmed drums - no longer possible in case there’s a tempo change within the track (imagine you’re making a cover of, say, Franz Ferdinand “Take Me Out”, or Daughter Darling “Things Untold”).
Even worse when composing with iPad - one is basically not allowed to compose any music with variable tempo.

Maybe for dance floor oriented music this isn’t a frequent issue, and the intended targeting is for that kind of music, thus it doesn’t seem like a big issue to you. But I believe even in dance music tempo changes are used sometimes for effects (like track build-up by accelerating tempo at the beginning, slowdown at the end etc). And that kind of targeting seems just too narrow for no particular reason IMO.

Hope this explains it. Regards.


thanks a lot for you explanations. I can only ask for your understanding of the fact that we have a huge amount of feature requests on our list (only the first 2 pages of this forum would certainly keep us busy for a full year). This and the limited resources have the consequence that we have to decide on an order in which we address them. Thus, we can only ask for patience.

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I can’t believe a year after I first posted this it’s still not included!!
It’s a joke!!

Tempo and meter change inside the song should have been in the first release, it’s a basic an absolutely important feature in every professional DAW, and this doesn’t include Cubasis unfortunately althought it is one of the most expensive apps in the store.

It’s long time I’m requesting for it but probably steinberg decided to include features for amateurs instead of professionals.

Hello metallo,

Of course we would like to have all Cubase features inside Cubasis, but Cubase took over 20 years of development to reach it’s current state. If we would have tried to put everything inside from the first version that first version would not be available yet. So we decided to release a solid streamlined first version that would satisfy many users needs already and we are putting features incrementally inside while reacting to new technologies (e.g. IAA, Audiobus). Automation will be in 1.8 and this will lay the ground for tempo and meter changes. These two will come then in a future update.

And it will need the cpu power of an ipad 8 or 9.
If i want professional features i’l take proffessional hardware.

Not all music is like a metronome locked on 120bpm. I use cubasis for backing tracks for choir and community singing (gospel, rock, latin, African etc). Pretty much all these styles call for tempo changes if only a rall at the end or rall and then ‘a tempo’ between each verse. Please bring the tempo track on - it must be a lot simpler than automating complex filters and effects!

Of curse you are right. That would be a great feature, But you need then an algorithm that would analyse all incoming audio, like live or bitwig. Something like granular synthese, to make speed changes in reeltime.
I’m afraide all ipad’s 1/2/3 would be left out.


Hi All - I am a long time user of Cubase on PC (yes, :wink: STILL running SX 2.2 but does just what I want - moving from original compositions and recording to now scoring and exporting sax parts for live cover-band work). I am considering Cubasis for my new iPad Air (which I am using in live gig situations).

My current workflow is In SX, I load the audio file of an original song (say, Doors “Touch Me”) then I create a tempo track to handle the variations in tempo across the song. Then I use my midi controller to score the sax parts, print it out as a PDF and into the iPad (creating and using that tempo track makes the notes in the score line up beat-wise and be of predictable length).

So here’s my questions:

Can Cubasis import (generated in SX) a mid file with variable tempo? (doesn’t seem so based on the posts above)
Can Cubasis export a varaible tempo mid file (also doesn’t seem so)

Hi Kdubayoo,

Unfortunately Cubasis doesn’t have a tempo track at the moment. But we have it on our feature request list.

I actually don’t care about correcting audio, I wouldn’t expect an iPad app to do that. I want to be able to record a guide audio part and then tap out the tempo to go with it to create my tempo track. If it’s a project that already has audio and you attempt a tempo change it should warn you, ask you to create a snapshot and then perform the change. I can then re-record the audio that no longer fits if need be.

I use Cubasis as a scratch pad so I’m quite happy to be missing a few features. Once I’m happy I’ll pass it off to my desktop machine to continue with. Being able to enter basic info like tempo and key changes should be a given. As i said, don’t worry about implementing time stretching we just want a basic tempo editor. If you can implement automation then this should be a breeze for you.

The other odd thing that I was kind of expecting is a notepad for each channel. Just to keep notes on things like guitar tunings or lyrics, it’s a simple but hugely useful feature.

FYI. This is the sole reason I have not purchased this app. I am anxiously awaiting this tempo map feature.

Just like the previous post stated, make it simple: I want to record some audio and then tap the tempo to it and then be able to manually adjust the changes.


Another +1 for tempo track and mapping. I know it is on the feature list and there is a lot of requested features I am sure. But when collaborating as a work around I am having to use audio based clicks and then touching everything up in the full Cubase. I am starting to see and work with musicians that are entirely relying on Cubasis and going that way as things progress.

Doesn’t need to do the musical mode (time stretching to tempo), but a lot of songs I work on will even have small changes of a BPM here and there give the chorus more life for instance or breakdowns drag a bit. Then I send the tracks to guys to work on in Cubasis and send them back to me.