Tempo Track Window

Just installed my new N6 yesterday all looks great and exciting so far (haven’t hit any major problems …yet) apart from in the Tempo Track window, the tempo line is REALLY HARD TO SEE against that dark grey background. Can’t read it at all!

How do I change that? (without changing everything else!)

yes, due to that really weird dark background the usability of the tempotrack tends towards zero !

Adjust the “Project Work Area” color in Preferences/Appearance/Colors/Project.


I actually like the standard color scheme of N6…with the exception of the tempo track…
I would like to have the option to change only that one specific dark color of the tempo window…

Well, there you have it, then…

It would help if the tempo indicator line were something other than that gray…but it doesn’t look like you can do anything about that.

A little compromise on the background color does make a big difference for now.